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"how can you, as a teacher, be the best version of yourself in the classroom?





My 20 years of teaching began as a sole charge teacher. I had 13 students from 5 to 12 years of age.


Soon after I moved into classroom teaching eventually working as a demonstration teacher where student teachers came to observe on a regular basis.


Finally I worked as a specialist music teacher and was able to travel the world working in International Schools.


I left teaching and trained as a Play of Life Practitioner. It is important to note that The Play of Life is not therapy.

Later I discovered The Work of Byron Katie (aka Inquiry Based Stress Reduction.) 

I fulfilled the requirements and graduated as a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie. 


I understand how a teacher can be overwhelmed by so many competing time demands.


In my experience teachers can tolerate a lot of stress but will struggle when they feel unsupported by administrators or parents.

I work with you to find a fast, simple solution to your stressful situation.



"I felt unfulfilled and dissatisfied with life - going through the motions. After one session working with Lindsay I rediscovered my life's purpose. I decided to study teaching as a mature age student. Now I am living the dream. I am teaching in a subject area that I love". 

                                                                                                                 Joel Pakoti - Secondary Teacher


"I gained insight. Insight as to my process, the power I had and the people who would be impacted by my actions. I enjoyed seeing things in a rational way without being clouded by emotion. Lindsay's life experiences have given him an amazing capacity for empathy and kindness as well as the ability to establish rapport quickly which then allowed me to explore options in safety".

                                                                                 Gabrielle Mead - Education Consultant/Teacher


"Facing challenges in my workplace, wondering what would be my next step? With Lindsay's support and encouragement my issue became clear to me and I was able to find my own solution. I felt empowered to move forward confidently in the next step of my life's journey".

                                                                                                            Maria - International Secondary Teacher

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